Friday Customer Experience Pack #12

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Have you lost your Klout?

If you are missing Klout, the social media scoring service which was shuttered recently, than maybe it’s time to check out Skorr.

When Klout announced it would be going offline soon, people started looking for a new tool to judge their social media reach by.

Enter Skorr from Portugal, a great looking app which allows you to connect your social media sites and aggregate your progress in building a following.   Currently, Skorr connects Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Tumbler into a single dashboard and analyses your posting to get a score from 1 – 100.

The team at Skorr say that they measure 32 different KPI’s to derive your number, with social media behaviour driving the number up or down accordingly.

Skorr then ranks you in amongst your connections so you can see how you compare to your network.

Whilst Skorr currently lacks the range of connections that Klout had, it seems to have made an excellent start – and already people are working on how they can ‘find the recipe’ for  ensuring they increase their score.

You can try Skorr here – downloading the IOS, Android or Microsoft App to get started quickly.


Off the wagon

Three weeks of business travel, and a long Bank Holiday weekend has thrown me clean from the wagon.  I have a backlog of posts to write – from things I have watched, read and listened to on my travels as well as a blog review for April which will no doubt chasten me.

However, it’s my blog – I forgive myself.

But it’s time to get back on the wagon.