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We’ve all done it.

We’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that one-on-one meetings with our boss are a bit stale and feel less than useful.  This is especially the case when everything is going well and the meetings start to feel a bit redundant.   After all, if it’s all going well and your projects are on track, then why do you even need to meet?

Well – for me, it’s exactly those times when one on one meetings can be valuable – because they aren’t just about checking in on actions, they are about discussing the higher-level things; feedback, career goals, professional development and building strong relationships.

My advice for having a meaningful meeting with your boss boils down to three key things:

  • Get Control – your manager can probably guide you through a 1:1, but if that happens it’ll be their agenda that ‘owns’ the time.  My most effective manager meetings have been when I have defined what I need to get, and ideally sent to my boss in advance.    A few bullet points, 24 hours (or at the beginning) before a 1:1 will let your manager know where you want to focus, give them time to prepare and show that you are owning the process.  It’s a great technique to maximise the impact of your time. I tend to think of three or four things – one update I want to give (the good news), one problem I want to solve and one or two bits of feedback I want to give or get.
  • Get Awkward – ticking off a list of things you’ve done is not really wringing the life out of your time together. I like the concept of bringing some ‘awkward’ into your 1:1, “because if it’s not a bit awkward, you’re not talking about the real stuff“.  Giving and getting feedback is a great use of time. Do you have the ‘best relationship’ possible, if not – why not?  Ask for feedback on how to be better.  Hard questions that require thought and discussion to get honest answers about feel like a great use of time. I like asking hard questions, until I get easy answers, bringing that approach into your 1:1 can yield amazing value.

In summary, it’s your 1:1. Owning it is important, and figuring out how you can maximise the efficacy of that time together is an important step. Try changing your approach a little bit, your manager will welcome it and you’ll find it makes the sessions much more effective.

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