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I’ve been learning tonnes of stuff in my job, but I always think I have the capacity for more.

When was the last time you actively decided to learn something new, a new language, how to ride a unicycle or even how to code and make an app?

Here are seven things that you could learn in your spare time, for free. Some of them might help you at work, but all of them are skills you might find useful.

  1. An Introduction to HTML & CSS – the building blocks of a website, if you’ve never built your own site, this free course could get you started.  (Free)
  2. Outlook 2016 training – we spend a lot of time in our mailboxes, learning how to use them properly can be an essential skill. (Free with a trial)
  3. Google Advance Search – this is really good, mastery of how to use the world favourite search engine is a great skill. (Free – one hour)
  4. Beginners Guide to Photoshop – Step by Step videos that help you understand Photoshop – now you can edit cat pictures till your heart is content (Free – 1.5 hours)
  5. Introduction to Negotiation – Buying a house, getting a pay rise, debating which restaurant to go to with your partner – this is a great course for anyone who has to deal with someone that has a different perspective on the world. (Free – 11 hours)
  6. Start Writing Fiction – Great writing skills are an asset to anyone for work or pleasure – this course will get you started (Free – 24 hours)
  7. LinkedIn Training Course – How to boost your professional network and promote your personal brand. (Free – 2 hours)

All free – most are short – why not challenge yourself to learn a new skill before the end of the year. I’d love to hear if you decide to do something, and what skill you chose!

Something from the Web

On a similar vein, these 62 websites will make you smarter – there are some great ones in here.  All the 2016 Christmas ads are on one page, my favourite is Kevin the Carrot.  The parodies are out there already.

This is the greatest exercise class ever – count me in.

Finally – does anyone want to see a video of a Sloth in a speedboat?  Yep, I’ve got you covered.