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When do you unplug?  Do you suffer from FOMO?  What the hell is FOMO?  Is there a danger in being TOO connected?

I went out with some old colleagues yesterday, dinner & beers to celebrate someone leaving the company and loads of time for me to compare my new job, to my old company.  As we ate, I noticed that everyone had their phones on the table, watching emails from the US, checking in with family, social networking, photos for Instagram.  A couple of people stepped away to Facetime with the kids as they went to bed, one person even jumped on a work call for 15 minutes.

I’m sure that you’ve noticed it on the commute. Every head is bowed, cradling the phone like a broken bird.  No-one wants to miss out. Everyone wants to stay connected

Anna Wintour always told girls new to Vogue, “never sleep in the car.”   What she meant was that when living a busy life, the best way to absorb your surroundings is to look out of the window.

The connection that comes from technology is often unfulfilling, and our reliance on the technology is unsustainable.

So – what to do?

My recommendation is to start small, maybe one day a week. How about ‘Switch off Sunday’? Once a week a single day to switch off the electronics and connect with your friends, family or the outside work.  I’m not a mindfulness coach, I don’t think people should start colouring books or even meditation – but one true day off will help de-stress. 

If you take a day out to disconnect, you’ll be surprised. The world will carry on turning and you won’t have missed out on anything too significant.  You might even conquer your Fear of Missing Out!

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