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This week I have been thinking about feedback – the important exercise of ‘closing the loop’ when you want to understand how your performance shows up, or when you want to tell someone how you think they are doing.

Over many years, I’ve needed to deliver feedback in writing and face to face, and I’ve received my fair share in both methods. I thought I’d share some tips from both sides of the equation

Giving Feedback
  • Be direct – whenever I deliver written feedback, I make sure the subject is on cc of the email.  If you couldn’t say your feedback face to face, then you should tune your commentary accordingly.  It helps you be more honest and helps the feedback land better.
  • Be honest – dressing feedback up doesn’t help anyone. It reduces your credibility and takes away the value of the exercise.
  • Be kind – feedback is a gift, this is your opportunity to help someone grow, either through recognition or support.  Look for specific examples that support your subject and opinion.
Receiving Feedback
  • Be open – you are getting a gift, so be ready to hear things that will help you moving forward. Recognise something that you can improve or enhance to help you grow.
  • Be receptive – this is one time when you’ll want to suppress your brains normal defence mechanisms.  Holding back your ‘fight or flight’ instinct will help you listen and understand feedback without it feeling like an attack.
  • Be patient – unless you are directly in the moment, feedback is often about something you did recently. In wich case, it’s worth being patient about how you use the feedback, you may not be able to test a new approach or deliver an improvement immediately. However, taking the feedback on board will stand you in good stead.

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