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Regular readers will know of my obsession with German film director Werner Herzog – this short film: The Journey of a Plastic Bag is narrated by him, and is a brilliant watch.

Alternatively – here’s a video of astronauts singing on the moon.

This brilliant photo essay is a great insight into the world I grew up in, I was 11 in 1980 (yep – that old), and these were the people I was surrounded by in West London.

Love might be complicated, but Ikea is simple.  Have you heard the Boston Typewriter Orchestra?  Give them a chance.  If that isn’t absurd enough – this almost certainly is.

This cat in a hat could well be the best thing on the internet:

Finally – I’ll leave you with the greatest Christmas Song ever written – if you have got this far, please reward yourself with this beauty:

Bing Crosby  –  Mele Kalikimaka (Hawaiian Christmas Song)