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SFTW is a weekly email I send to my team, recapping top of mind thoughts and curating some useful and fun links from across the web. 

In the last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of questions about ‘increasing influence’ or ensuring that you have a seat at the table.  So, I’ve compiled some quick ideas on how you can ensure your ‘voice is heard’.

  1. Do your homework. Know your business. Understand your data.
  2. Pay your dues. Establish credibility. Have ‘chops’.
  3. Speak up about shared truths, principles and goals.
  4. Test with six people before fixing 600
  5. Tell good, true, simple, stories.

Simple, right?  Follow these tips and you’ll find your voice is heard without being louder.

It’s all about clarity, not volume.

Something from the Web

Despite being too busy to write the mail, I’ve still been collecting fun and interesting things, so this is a bumper edition.

Ricard Bofill is an architect who bought a disused cement factory to turn into a house, I’d say he’s done a pretty good job.

Visit the Atlantic, tell them when you were born and they’ll tell you how the world has changed while you have been alive. I’m one of the first people who has never lived in a world without a computer mouse.

Positive lexicography. All those untranslatable words give me suwaad. I’d imagine there are a few interesting words in Bhutan, where they now have a Ministry for Happiness.

This is a bit late, but this is an amazing set of pictures from 2016.  Here’s some science about why I get a bit grumpy before lunchtime. These are the most beautiful bookshops in the world.

Finally, can you dance? Here are the moves that can take you from a disaster to a diva. I’m practising in front of the mirror now!