For a while now, I’ve been working on my health and fitness a little bit. I decided that I needed to get back to a decent level of physical health to increase my work performance and preserve my mental health.

So, the key steps so far have been:

Ketogenic diet. I’ve reduced carbs to a very low level, and worked on balancing protein and fat to get into ketosis. This is good for weight loss, and also a very positive step for someone with Type II diabetes. It’s absolutely the easiest diet for me, and as long as I stick to some simple rules it yields some good results. I’ve lost a bunch of weight, and at some point will share some before and after photos.  Links to Keto information – here and here)

Get Moving. I’ve been trying to get 30 mins of exercise every day. I bought an Apple watch, mainly to turn it into a game for me (plus I like gadgets) and I try and do something every day to get my pulse moving. I rotate between the Gym, some swimming and if I cannot spare so much time, then I get off the tube a couple of stops early and walk a mile to work.

The next step(s) – Couch to 5km

So far, I’ve enjoyed what I have been doing, but I needed a new target. After a bit of research I decided to attempt the Couch to 5K programme.  I’m following the one shared by the NHS in the UK – and there is a supporting app for the runs.

This is 9 weeks of guided runs, designed to get you to run for about 30 minutes or 5km. The app allows you to choose your coach, I’m working with Sarah Millican right now!

Now, I am not a natural runner. I’m still too heavy, and running takes me back to my school days when I was wheezy and exercise adverse and not necessarily happy. I’m not sure my feet work properly.

However, I can walk 5km, sometimes 6 or 7 – so with a bit of practice, I should be able to jog 5m slowly. Right?

I’m aiming for a few benefits – free exercise (wherever I am), more weight loss and becoming a crashing bore about jogging.

I’m keeping a video diary – will post them here – the first two are below.