#DeleteFacebook – and alternative strategies

There is a lot of talk about #DeleteFacebook – and a growing number of significant influencers are suggesting that people cancel and delete their accounts on the social network.  Here are my thoughts.

The Cambridge Analytica case highlights the amount of data that gets shared on Facebook and then shared onwards to potential bad actors.

The immediate response from many has been to call for people to delete Facebook.  However, there might be alternatives that can limit your exposure. As always, it’s worth doing some reading to ensure you are educated on the implications.

Option 1 – don’t #deletefacebook, but #limityourself

Lifehacker has some great advice here. If you are concerned about where your data goes from Facebook, then stop sharing so much.  Limit your interaction, or even abstain.  You can stop using or you can temporarily deactivate your account.

At least this option gives the company a chance to resolve its issues and/or put some controls in place. Reports are the Zuckerberg and Sandberg are hunkered down, dealing with this issue, so its possible they’ll make some changes.

Option 2 – don’t #deletefacebook, but #limitfacebook

This is a slightly more technical option, changing privacy settings to limit the way that Facebook works and shares your data.  It is worth noting that switching off some of the features, will reduce your ability to use Facebook to log into other apps.

There is an interim step, of limiting the pieces of data that can be shared anywhere – this feels like a very sensible way to manage the situation.  The instructions for that are here.

Courtesy of EFF

Option 3 – really #deletefacebook

If you really feel strongly that you need to remove yourself from Facebook, then here is an easy to follow process to do it and ensure you don’t lose any data.

What will I do?

I’m working it out, but I’ve already switched off many of the apps connected to Facebook, and I’ll be restricting the data that any of the other apps can have.   I’ll keep an eye out to see if I lose out on anything.

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