Five (more) Newsletters that make you and your inbox smarter

A few weeks ago, I posted five newsletters that add something amazing to your inbox on a regular basis. Here are five more excellent, curated newsletters that I trust.

Here are five more newsletters that I would recommend a subscription to:

  • Jocelyn K Glei compiles a great newsletter on creativity and meaning – essential reading.
  • Recomendo – Six cool recommendations every week. Tech, services, books – superb content.
  • Five Bullet Friday – everyone knows Tim Ferris’ work, but this weekly email provides up to date and interesting recommendations
  • Daily Stoic – wisdom and insight from the great Stoic writers – a great read.
  • The Daily Skimm – excellent curated news from across the globel.

What newsletters have I missed, let me know your recommendations in the comments below? 

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