Friday Customer Experience Pack

Every Friday, I’m going to round up the best Customer Experience writing I have seen during the week. Subscribe below if you’d like to receive this by email each week.

Jeanne Bliss reflected on the death of Ingvar Kamprad from Ikea with some comments on the ‘clarity of purpose’ at the company, and how that had driven success.  Lots of people have mixed feelings about the Customer Experience at Ikea, but like the McDonalds of furniture, customers always know what they are going to get and the standards I have seen in the UK are always exacting.

I loved this post from Peter Simoons about getting the right focus in order to improve CX – his example of being refused entry to an airport lounge was excellent, and the lack of focus on his experience caused him to seek another supplier for his needs.

The ever-brilliant Lolly Daskal dropped this great article about why leaders crash and burn, if you are in a Customer facing leadership role, there is some good advice for being successful here.

Finally, Shep Hyken blogged about the customer service gap, firstly between you and your competitors – and then between what you think you are doing and what your customers think you are doing.  This second gap is the reason that I subscribe to the notion of walking the customer journey regularly and frequently, so you can test that experience and learn from it.

What did I miss? Let me know the best Customer Experience writing you’ve seen this week in the comments.

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