Friday Customer Experience Pack #3

Every Friday, I’m going to round up the best Customer Experience writing I have seen during the week. Subscribe below if you’d like to receive this by email each week. Previous editions are here.

  • Customer Journey mapping is so important to building an excellent experience for your most critical assets.  This article from Jeanne Bliss is taken from her CCO 2.0 book, where she outlines the process taken at the Smithsonian Institute to build a living and breathing Customer Journey to help articulate the experience across the company.
  • The inimitable Shep Hyken asks ‘are you so good that your customers would pay double?‘  It’s thought-provoking to understand what differentiates you from your competition, and how Customer Experience can play into that.
  • The team at ZenDesk are asking if it is time for you to build a Support Operations team.  Making sure that your customer-facing staff have the best in processes, content and ongoing support will ensure that they can focus on delivering the best service possible.  I’m lucky enough to have great staff surrounding my frontline, but there are always opportunities to formalise and improve.
  • Finally, over at Customer Think, they are writing about the huge opportunity there is for small business to differentiate themselves through Customer Experience.  Given that margins are being squeezed ever tighter and the price is no longer an easy way to differentiate, customers are going to make decisions about service and experience.   Just think about how you will go to the ‘expensive’ coffee shop because the coffee is a tiny bit better, and the service is great.  That decision is being played out thousands of times a day and if you aren’t maxing your experience, you are definitely losing customers.
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What did I miss? Let me know the best Customer Experience writing you’ve seen this week in the comments.

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