Friday Customer Experience Pack #2

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I saw this post by Bob Thompson referenced a few times this week, and rightly so. According to a recent study, 93% of Customer Experience initiatives are failing, and less than a third are demonstrating positive results.  It’s important because most companies believe that CX is the battleground on which they will win, and the ones that get tangible results are going to steal a march on the competition.

This older article on Event Driven Feedback from Mopinion really interests me, many companies still rely on the campaign driven survey to get feedback from customers – but using telemetry to ask discreet questions will yield very specific actional insights. This seems like an excellent strategy.

Tnooz focuses on the travel industry, but this article on key priorities for travel brands has insight that is useful in ANY vertical.  The idea that companies to move past silo-based thinking and align with company-wide customer goals is valuable advice.   This is the cornerstone of the work that Jeanne Bliss does in building the CCO role.

Finally – not Customer Experience focused, but great thinking for industries like the one I’m involved in. The World needs more modest, linear-growth based companies , so says DHH at  Signal vs Noise. I agree, it’s really easy to spend time looking for silver bullets that create hockey stick growth, but there is as much value in getting better one percent at a time, and growing sustainably as a result.

What did I miss? Let me know the best Customer Experience writing you’ve seen this week in the comments.

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