January Review

Monthly Blog Review: It’s been a month since I decided that I would take a focused stab at blogging on a regular basis and build the traffic back up. In parallel, I wanted to cultivate the habit of writing and posting daily, moving away from the ephemera of social network posts and move towards owning my content more.

One way for me to check in on my progress is to review myself, out loud, on a monthly basis. So, how did I do?

  • Posts in January: 32 posts
  • Top Post: Working Out Loud Circle – Week 2
  • Words Written: 9556
  • Average per post : 299
  • Page Views: 342 (previous monthly high 137 in October 2012)

It’s a start, and I’m keeping on, keeping on.  Next review in March.

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[…] We then talked through the first exercise, and specifically about how we planned to ‘pay ourselves first’.  I felt like I already did quite well on this, blocking out one-hour per day to work on writing and look at contributions to others in my network. I recently wrote about how that had worked for me, with my 2018 challenge of writing every day – January is complete and I’m happy with my progress. […]

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