March Review

Each month, I’m reviewing my progress in building my blog and holding myself accountable for writing every day. Previous reviews here.

For 2018, I set myself a goal of writing every day, and hopefully building my blog audience back up.  I’m tracking myself daily, but also keeping a monthly review here so that I can see progress.

So, how did I do in March

  • Posts in March: 34 posts (vs 36 in February)
  • Top Post:  #DeleteFacebook and Alternative strategies
  • Words Written: 9407 (vs 7712)
  • Average per post : 260 (vs 214)
  • Page Views: 959 (vs 706 in February – decent progress)

And a new count – to track another goal for this year:

  • Steps taken (from my Apple Watch): 268177 / 30 days worn = 8939 avg
  • Target for April = 9000 average 

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