Remember: Don’t have too much of a party – 1962

Before Email, Twitter and Instagram, people used to send postcards.   I collect these vintage postcards, for their messages as much as their pictures.


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London Heathrow Airport looks very different today from this shot taken in the early 1960’s – the story is the same, a delayed flight – the message reads:

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Friday Customer Experience Pack #10

Every Friday, I round up the best Customer Experience writing I have seen during the week. Subscribe below if you’d like to receive this by email each week. Previous editions are here.

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What did I miss? Let me know the best Customer Experience writing you’ve seen this week in the comments.

Five podcasts that make you smarter

Previously, I shared some podcasts to keep you entertained, now here are five podcasts that make you smarter.

Here are five podcasts I keep up with because they make me smarter.  I’d love to hear your suggestions for interesting podcasts.

  • Ted Talks Daily – short broadcasts, every day – like having a TED talk in your pocket.  Some great subjects covered, by interesting and engaging speakers.  This one is also enabled on your Alexa device which makes it quick to hear the latest.
  • The Gary Vee Audio Experience – Gary Vaynerchuk needs little introduction, his books Crush It and the new one Crushing it, as well as his formidable online audio and video presence are pretty compelling.  Subscribing to his feed gives you a variety of podcasts, short and long which give some really good insights into marketing, branding and social media tactics.
  • Hurry Slowly – billed as a podcast to help you be more productive, creative and resilient.  This excellent series from the insightful and thoughtful Jocelyn K Glei is a pleasure to listen to, and the complete antithesis of the high octane Gary Vee experience.  I highly recommend the most recent edition, an interview with David Sax on why Analog experiences are often optimal.  Bonus – I’ve recommended the Jocelyn K GIei newsletter before – get on that!
  • Nir and Far – I previously reviewed Hooked: how to build habit-forming products by Nir Eyal and from that, found his podcast which talks a lot about business, behaviour and the brain.  New and short episodes every Monday contain some great content – I particularly enjoyed a recent episode about Sports Psychology.
  • The Jordan B Peterson Podcast – I’ve just started reading the very popular 12 Rules of Life: An antidote to chaos, but in the meantime, I have been listening to some episodes of this excellent podcast.  I particularly liked an episode of Conversations with Richard Fidler which was reposted on this feed.

Jordan Peterson Podcast

I guarantee that listening to one or more of these podcasts will make you smarter – but I’d love to hear your suggestions for podcasts I may have missed.   I listen & subscribe to mine via Spotify or Acast, an excellent podcast client for on the move.

Heavy Rotation – April 2017

 An occasional look at what media and music I have on heavy rotation. See previous editions here.

Spring. Time for new music and media – here’s a selection of what should be on your listening list this month.

All album links in here will take you to Spotify. Let me know what I should be listening to in the comments.

March Review

Each month, I’m reviewing my progress in building my blog and holding myself accountable for writing every day. Previous reviews here.

For 2018, I set myself a goal of writing every day, and hopefully building my blog audience back up.  I’m tracking myself daily, but also keeping a monthly review here so that I can see progress.

So, how did I do in March

  • Posts in March: 34 posts (vs 36 in February)
  • Top Post:  #DeleteFacebook and Alternative strategies
  • Words Written: 9407 (vs 7712)
  • Average per post : 260 (vs 214)
  • Page Views: 959 (vs 706 in February – decent progress)

And a new count – to track another goal for this year:

  • Steps taken (from my Apple Watch): 268177 / 30 days worn = 8939 avg
  • Target for April = 9000 average 

Sunday Six Pack #9

Time to relax, pour yourself a coffee and enjoy the Sunday Six Pack, all killer, no filler, just six of the best links curated from a week of reading. Previous editions here.

Compiled whilst listening to The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy

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Remember: Two lively resorts – 1969

Before Email, Twitter and Instagram, people used to send postcards.   I collect these vintage postcards, for their messages as much as their pictures.

Two Lively Resorts - vintage postcard from 1969 Click To Tweet

I found the ‘matter of fact’  words on this postcard sent from Scarborough in 1969 quite refreshing – the message reads:

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