Remember: It is a glorious day here

Before Email, Twitter and Instagram, people used to send postcards.   I collect these vintage postcards, for their messages as much as their pictures.

Rydal Water

This is Rydal Water, in Cumbria – and the postcard was sent in 1908 to Lincolnshire.  I imagine the message is between sisters or friends, judging by the handwriting – the message reads:

Dear M

It is a glorious day here. Hope it is the same with you. Went to Skegby yesterday to fete. Eva back she (h)as been a week. Hope you had a fine time at Easter. Love Nellie.

Interesting that Skegby is in Nottinghamshire, a long way from Cumbria in 1908.  I wonder if this postcard was bought during a trip, but not used until later. The postmark is unclear.

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