Remember: Do Not Attempt the Ceiling

Before Email, Twitter and Instagram, people used to send postcards.   I collect these vintage postcards, for their messages as much as their pictures.

Sousse Tunisia, Vintage Postcard

Do Not attempt the ceiling. Hotel Maharba, Sousse, Tunisia - vintage postcard from 1966 Click To Tweet

This is the Hotel Maharba, in Sousse, Tunisia – from a postcard sent in May 1966.  A hotel with same name still stands.  The message inside reads:

Dear Henry, At 10.20 the sun was shining and we had a lovely flight, eveerything excellent. Big cogestion at Tunis airport as many Tunisians were returning from a visit to Mecca.  The Hotel is lovely, bedrooms large (I have a double room) How about coming over for the cast work?  But the place will not be finished until another month. I do not think the food, or the service will be so very hot (sp?) They are still a young country trying to cater for visitors. At the moment there are abour 350 here, and they will take more. Prices are high, but we were warned about that & have our own hooch in. Take care of yourself, Do not attempt the ceiling. Love to Stan.  Glad.

Hotel Marhaba, Sousse, Runisia - Vintage Postcard


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