Remember: Kindest Twitters to the Bird

Before email, Twitter and Instagram, people used to send postcards to each other to help share and remember events.   I collect these vintage postcards, for their messages as much as their pictures.

This one is postmarked 1902 – and the picture of London Bridge looks from that time.  The message is below. 

On the right:

Rush to get to the station and galloped from the bottom of the hill before the station. The train was just going, but they saw us & stopped it after I had nodded my head at the guard. I had an awfully fine time at Milford. Oh! What do you think?  I went to tea with David the other day! Had an awful ? Dawks was very gay, said he was very shy but I looked knowing & said I didn’t think so.  Must stop now Love from Mother & xx

At the top:

Did you write to G for her 21st birthday? We sent her a silver topped scent bottle from the Pot. Cousins (Milford and Wallop). Your share is 1/6 which you owe to Jess. Can you pay yourself or shall I & then you can pay me afterwards. Let me know.

And then on the left – my favourite line:

Kindest twitters to the bird.

Here’s the reverse of the card:

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