Remember: Skiing is not at all easy

Before Email, Twitter and Instagram, people used to send postcards.   I collect these vintage postcards, for their messages as much as their pictures.

Skiing is not at all easy - Sport Hotel Austria - vintage postcard from 1960 Click To Tweet

This vintage card was sent from Austria in 1960 on New Years Day, after what seems a heavy part – the message reads:

Dear Aunty Kit.  Jan 1st

Having a nice time here, the hotel and food are very nice at 5 and 9 o’clock. Yestreday we had a very nice time brining in the new year, we did not go to bed until half past 3 in the morning.   We went and had a drink in a local pub and joined in the Tyrolian dancing. Skiing is not at all easy. Love Carolyn.


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