Seen : Comedians in cars getting coffee

I’m late to a party here, but I only discovered Comedians in cars getting coffee on Netflix last week and binge-watched much of the first season at the weekend.

The premise is simple, Jerry Seinfeld introduces us to a different classic car each week, some of them are stunning.  We get a few facts about the car, which highlight what a petrolhead Seinfeld is.

Things then get interesting, Jerry ‘calls’ a friend, picks them up and they nip off for a coffee and some lunch/brunch.

It’s a chat show, in a car, with a coffee – or something.

So far, we’ve seen Jim Carrey, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock, Tina Fey and a host of others. My complete favourite was Christoph Waltz who seemed utterly entranced by the vintage BMW coupe and equally bemused by the International House of Pancakes.

You eat want you want… Don’t worry, we can fix it with medicine.

The episode with Ricky Gervais (above) was also very funny, with Seinfeld driving around New York in an Austin Healy 3000 and scaring the daylights out of Gervais.

Each of these shows is about 20 mins long, so you can easily much through a few in an hour with a coffee – well worth watching.

My only criticism is that it’s light on women, I think in the 50/60 episodes listed, I could see less than 10 or 12 women.  They need to do a better job of booking some of the very funny women in comedy.

Overall. 8/10. Netflix.

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