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SFTW is a weekly email I send to my team, recapping top of mind thoughts and curating some useful and fun links from across the web. 

How much are you worth?  How much is your time worth?  Have you ever calculated it?  You can think of it in terms of your annual salary if you want (here’s a handy calculator) or you can just aggressively put a price on it.

Whatever number you pick, it’ll make you think about your time in a very different way. If you set your hourly rate at £100 and you only had £200 to spend today, would you be doing what you are doing right now?

Once you define your hourly rate, you can redefine your productivity.  Now you have a choice, you can maximise value by clearing many items in a short space of time, or you can seek out the greatest value for money by finding the items that bring you the most impact, or joy.

For a long time, I defined my productivity by the quantity of things I completed. If I responded to 10 emails, and attended two meetings, I had a successful day. If I spent my day working on one presentation, I felt guilty leaving the office.

I was thinking about my to-do list in the wrong way.  I realised that if I could get away from believing “quantity” was equivalent to productivity, I’d be ending every day on a more positive note.

So, I’ve taken a quality over quantity approach. I’m learning to rigidly protect and value my time so that I can focus on the highest impact work that gives me the most value. I don’t always get it right, but I’m learning.

Give your hourly value a go, and see if you feel good about where you are spending your time.

Something from the Web

Do you use Facebook? It knows EVERYTHING about you – use this tool to understand how your Facebook profile can be used to really profile you. I was amazed at the output from mine.

I know that I have a few board game fans amongst the SFTW faithful – I don’t know much about board games, but I know that this is a fairly intense way to think about chess.  My fascination with notebooks continues – amazing designs from notebooks around the world.

Look how happy the Queen was when she saw some cows.  You can use this site to keep a track on the snow via twitter, or something.

Finally – and maybe most importantly – sound advice for troubled times.