Sharpen the Saw – Getting Started

The way to get started, is to quit talking, and begin doing – Walt Disney

Alongside a whole list of tools and services (more to come on those soon), I rely on one simple thing to get me started when I work on a new project.  Whether its a new website or a database project, a presentation or an online shop, they all start in one place.

A blank sheet of paper.

Designing anything is easier for me if I have a clear understanding of  how the information needs to be laid out. Either on the screen, on a slide or in an e-commerce store, I like to have made a plan before I start committing things to screen.  I’ve tried many tools to help me get started, but always fall back on one.

Laying out lists, menus, categories. Defining nomenclature, taxonomy and structure. It all starts with a blank sheet, a decent pen or pencil and the will to get going. Don’t understimate the power of the blank page to inspire, capture and organise your finest ideas.

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