Five Apple Watch apps for commuters

I’ve been using an Apple Watch for the last couple of weeks, a Christmas present to myself, and addition to my toolbox.

Here are the five best Apple Watch apps I’ve found so far for someone who spends two  hours a day commuting:

  • Trainline (UK) – search for departures on your phone, and they’ll come up on your watch. Handy if you are travelling through a busy station and you need to know what (random) platform your train will be departing from.
  • Uber – Does everything that the phone app does. Excellent for quickly ordering a ride when you are emerging from a station.
  • Evernote – Read notes, dictate a short note, from your wrist.  Very handy for making a note of something you are reading. See also Braintoss which is emerging as a good solution for capturing stuff in your head.
  • BBC News – A quick glance at the top 5 stories whilst travelling, great on a crowded tube.  Will also deliver news flashes direct to the phone with an alert.
  • Calm – Start a quiet meditation, or just some stress relief during your travel time, making the commute useful for your mental health too. Highly recommend this if you already enjoy the excellent Breathe app that is preinstalled.

Links out are to the very useful Watchaware which tracks the latest Apple Watch news, and reviews many of the apps available. A great resource for keeping up with Apple Watch information.