On keeping a diary

Since the start of the year, I have been trying to blog every day, and two months in I’m succeeding.  I also started a personal habit of capturing details of my weekends and being thankful for the great memories I create with my family and friends.

However, a couple of events recently have made me reflect that maybe I need to step that habit up a bit and so this week, after reading some interesting articles I’ve decided to start keeping a diary and journalling events.

My reasons – in no order of priority:

  1. Slow down for a few minutes each day, remember the good things, try and be mindful.
  2. Capture the thoughts that otherwise might just be lost in the day.
  3. Explore/test ideas that might end up as blog posts.
  4. Capture some information on new things I am adding to my routine (I already use a sort of bullet journal to track blog posts and exercise/diet)
  5. Augment my memory.

So – I purchased a Moleskine Diary (page per day) and transferred my weekend and personal journals from the beginning of 2018, out of my existing notebook, and I’m ready to go.

This morning I sat with my journal and added some thoughts from a tricky day yesterday, the stillness of that exercise was positive and I can feel that this could be a useful process for me.