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Are you returning to work with a full inbox? Are you suffering from email overload?  Five ways to escape those ‘return to work’ blues.

Frame the problem differently.

You might have ‘x’ amount of emails in your inbox, but framing the number differently will help. Are the emails opportunities for sales? Opportunities to connect? To Learn?  At the very least, opportunities to do great work and take pride.

It seems to be a self-fulfilling prophecy that being back at work, and busy is a bad thing.

The alternative to busy might not be exactly what you wish for.

If you feel a little overwhelmed on your return from the holiday season, then try adjusting your lens a little.  Try and see the list of tasks as opportunities. Not in that twee, cliche way that people often use the word.

I have an ‘opportunity’ for you.

Rather, see these as real opportunities to move one step towards your goals, your objectives, your strategies, your grand plan.

If they aren’t opportunities. Discard them.