Tools: SiteStacks – spy on on any website

SiteStacks is an excellent addition to the toolset, allowing you to examine the technical stack of any website and understand how it is built.

I’ve used a number of similar tools in the past to examine the WordPress theme and extensions in play, but this tool is slightly different in that it gives the entire tech stack in play.

When you visit the SiteStacks homepage, you simply put in the URL of the page you wish to analyse, and a list of the technical components in play are displayed.

This is useful for finding server platforms, analytics tools, e-commerce services, email and even security tools.

Each component gets a link to a description/review on Siftery which gives you more information on the service. SiteStacks also has a Chrome extension to deliver the same functionality.

SiteStacks is currently free and delivers a useful service which is a great addition to the toolbox.

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