Working Out Loud Circle – Week Five

This is part of a series of posts documenting my journey with a Working Out Loud circle, as defined in John Stepper’s book; Working Out Loud: For a better Career and Life.  You can read the rest of the series here.

Once again we gathered on Friday morning for our regular connection to the Working Out Loud Circle which has started to be called the ‘Mut Anfall Team’ – Courage Attack.

So what did we do this week?

As usual, we started with our regular check-in – I felt I had made some good progress in connecting with my relationship list this week and it was good to hear that others were making good progress soon. One of the most affirming aspects of being in a circle is that you can enjoy others small success as well.

We then moved on to the Week 5 exercises – finding and discussing facts about ourselves.  For some, this can be a difficult exercise, first finding the facts and then sharing.  We discussed some lists that were already out there in the group and committed to sharing the remaining lists in our Slack channel.  We spent a long time talking about the difference between a gift and a contribution, and the effect that has on us sharing these lists.

I saw a connection between these facts and a journey line exercise, which many companies use as a way of sharing history and creating some vulnerability in leaders.   We also talked about how this connected with having a growth mindset when connecting with people.

Along the way, we discussed the Johari Window concept (new to me) and walking as a meditation or problem-solving tool, which is great  – because I love a stroll!

My key takeaways

  • Creating 50 facts about yourself is not easy, but it’s a worthwhile exercise to focus on facts vs opinions. There is an element of trust required, but your circle is a great place to explore this.
  • I learned about the Johari Window – and will be reading about that and maybe completing the exercise for myself in the future.

What did I do after the week three meeting?


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