Working Out Loud Circle – Week Ten

This is part of a series of posts documenting my journey with a Working Out Loud circle, as defined in John Stepper’s book; Working Out Loud: For a better Career and Life.  You can read the rest of the series here.

Last week was super busy for me, so the arrival of Friday came as a bit of surprise, as usual, it started with the Working Out Loud circle meeting.

So what did we do this week?

We checked in with an excellent opening question – “What did you do since last weeks meeting?”, which prompted another variety of answers.   For me, I had two key things; my first LinkedIn post, and a video which I recorded for my colleagues in New Zealand.

I was really pleased with the comments and feedback on my first LinkedIn blog post, there is an audience there I haven’t explored yet and I’ll definitely be adding it to my content strategy moving forward. Maybe a couple of posts a month.

Recording a video was uncomfortable for me, a little out of my courage envelope – but it seemed to go well and was a broadcast of my plans for the next year, so a real ‘Working Out Loud’ moment.

The group then moved on to the exercises of the week – and we talked about the journey from ad hoc to systematic sharing with our relationship lists.  For some of us, this felt like using a CRM system to manage personal relationships, and while this might feel unnatural at first it could also be compared with the systematic writing of greetings cards at Christmas.

For me, I’m going to work on developing the connections to my network(s) into a ‘natural’ action, like a muscle memory.  I might use a systematic approach to get there, but I want it to be natural and authentic.  That will take a little bit of work.

We talked at length about offering vulnerability and how the two approaches in the guide connected with us all. As ever, there were different ‘lenses’ on the approaches, but there was a consensus that humility was needed for the best connections.

My key takeaways

  • As I’m nearing the end of this circle, it feels like I could ‘go round again’ – with new goals, and new relationship lists.  I’m going to explore that level of commitment.
  • Building a natural contribution to my relationship lists (and other networks) is critical for me to feel like the WOL process has been successful. This needs some thinking.

What did I do after this weeks meeting?

  • Working on contributions to my relationship list, and review how those relationships have developed since the WOL circle started.
  • Continue a digital detox to grow my focus on the important things.  Read my first post on the detox here. 

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