Working Out Loud – joining a circle

Earlier this week I posted a review of Working Out Loud: For a better career and life, a book I have found really useful as a guide to working more deliberately towards goals I want to achieve and building stronger relationships and networks.

One of the key ‘go-dos’ in the book is to practice the ideas from the book with a few like-minded individuals in what is called a Working Out Loud Circle.
Working Out Loud fundamentalsToday (19th Jan), I’ll start that journey, meeting for one hour per week with 4 other professionals who have recently finished Working Out Loud and are looking to practice what they have learned.

We’ve assembled through the Working Out Loud Facebook page, connected via Slack and will be meeting over video conference every Friday for the next 12 weeks, with a programme designed to get us practising the ideas to help us build Better Relationships.

I’m hoping that we’ll hold each other accountable, and give each other feedback about what works, and what doesn’t so we can fine-tune our Working Out Loud.

I’m going to capture my key learnings from this exercise here – and hopefully connect to my fellow #wol circle members through my writing here.



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